Diamond Pro Stone Cut

Diamond Pro Stone Cut Retaining Wall UnitDiamond Pro Stone Cut Retaining Wall

Diamond Pro Stone Cut® retaining walls give your landscape a new, improved look using the trusted quality of Diamond technology. With their superior strength and earthen appearance these impressive retaining walls are both attractive and functional. The timeless style ensures your landscape will look flawless for years to come.

Unit Dimensions and weight:

Small: 8”x7”x12” Weight: 34 lbs.

Medium: 8”x11”x12” Weight: 45 lbs.

Large: 8”x18”x12” Weight 77 lbs.

Cap: 4”x17 ¼”x10” Weight: 40 lbs.

Colors: Gray, Tan, Tan & Charcoal, Chocolate & Tan

Units per pallet: 18”=36, 7” and 11”= 36 each on one pallet
Colors Available
Garden Edging
This easy-to-install overlapping wing-style joints, this edger frames lawns and gardens with graceful curves and beautiful lines. Many possibilities for creating various styles of garden and walkway edging; whether straight lines or serpentine curves. Looks great placed flat on the ground or stood upright. Available in a variety of shades. Units A and B together total about 1-lineal foot making the job of estimating quantity much easier.

Unit Dimensions and weight:

Unit A (8.75” / 7.5” x 5” x 3”) Weight: 9 lbs.
Unit B (7.5” / 6.25” x 5” x 3”) Weight: 9 lbs.
Color: Morgan Blend (Charcoal & Chocolate)

Units per pallet: 384 click here to add text.